The M-codes tell you which extra optional extra’s were added to the vehicle in the factory. Perhaps it is better to say that the M-codes display in what way the vehicle is different than the standard type 2. For example M-code 252 can hardly be called an ‘optional extra’, it stands for ‘1300cc engine instead of 1600cc’.The ‘M’ in ‘M-code’ comes from the German word ‘Mehrausstattung’. In VW litterature M-codes are often mentioned like ‘M500’, meaning ‘M-code 500’.


For each code I have noted the source by a letter. This is to keep track of where the information came from:B = Brochures (Volkswagen, Westfalia…)
D = Info from various documents issued by VW. Sich as pricelists and salesconditions.
E = Erik Meltzers list from the T2ig
P = Found on production plates of several type 2’s
R = Ron van Ness’s Micro Fiche
V = VW Museum
S = Other source

Some used terms in this list:

LHD = Left hand drive
RHD = Right hand drive

The list

To cut down downloading time I have separated the list into sections:M-code 001-099
M-code 100-199
M-code 200-299
M-code 300-599
M-code 600-699
M-code 700-935
M-codes starting with a Letter

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