Before I run off to the hardware store and Wesco, I thought I’d replace my cruddy turn signal lens seals:
Drill the two rivets out.

Housing out:
One thing I learned is that the original seals wrapped around the housing whereas the new seals from Wolfsburg West are separated into two pieces, one for the front and one for the rear. Here’s the rear installed on the housing:

And the housing pop riveted into place:

I’m going to have to go back and replace these housings at some point down the line as I discovered the passenger side had cracks running threaded sections of the plastic where the lens bolts screw in. There were other fatigue cracks on the driver side. And on both sides, while drilling out the lower rivet, I found that drilling the rivet would also spin loose a section of the plastic housing, hence the washer under the rivet in the picture above.

Outer seal installed:

And lens back on:

Another issue with the driver side was that at some point, it appears that someone had tried to pry the turn signal housing loose and bent the surrounding flange in a couple of spots. This reduced the integrity of the already degraded seal though they had tried to remedy it was some kind of putty to seal the gap. Upon replacing it, I used some of the extra foam from the seal kit I got from WW and then trimmed it off after installing the lens. It’ doesn’t look great; you can see the line of black foam across the top, but it should keep the rain out:



  1. bonk

    I do not know much about machinery, my turn signals have been broken for a long time and I have ignored that until now.

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