Awhile back I came across a thread were someone mounted an iPhone dock in the ashtray. They didn’t show any photos of how it was done, so I thought I would give it a try.

Parts used:
2 – 10-32 x 1 ¼ screws and nuts
3 – ¾ inch vinyl bumpers from OSH
½ inch x1/8 inch aluminum bar
3G iPhone dock – the standard iPod dock is too wide to fit

I used a dremel to cut out a level platform for the dock to sit on. Had to test fit it many times to get it low enough so it wouldn’t block the keys on my radio. Also had to trim the tab on the spring. So cutting up a perfectly good ashtray was not easy, but I use this bus for traveling not showing.

So this was my second dock. Oddly the first one failed at the pin connector and not from my mod. I drilled from the top, once you get past the white plastic there are 2 small screws that hold the alloy weight in place. After you remove them it’s all plastic the rest of the way.

Şarj soketiniz böyle değilse, kabloyu tutturabileceğiniz bir zemin hazırlamanız gerekiyor.

I moved the dock as far back as I could, with the ashtray open the iPhone rests against the dash.

I still have to run the wires but looks good so far.

Best part is when Apple releases a new phone this summer I get to do it all over again.

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