First I took an old Vanagon Hatch and resized it to fit

Starting to fiberglass it back together as this is a newer non metal hatch

Now to have a Spotted Cow Cold one and start to cut.

After cutting. Shocked What a big hole!

Now for my homemade square tubing bender. I used 1/2inch square tubing. No laughing it really did a good job Razz

Starting to weld the tubing and the 16gauge flat stock for the frame.

Fitting the frame in the opening.

Bent existing metal to meet the new frame before trimming.

Working out the slot for the hinge of the hatch using a piece of the original floor.

Painted frame ready to be mounted.

Finished frame with weather stripping and door edge guard for a stock look.

Factory looking engine access hatch.

After new Masonite and felt covering installed. Just need to roll carpet back and put rear seat back into position. Now I can finally work on the engine more easily and take the firewall out to change vent lines and on to the next project. Dress up the engine to make it worthy of the new hatch.


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